Friday, 12 February 2016

Finally an answer to oil and vinegar drips at the table

There is ‘one’ unsavory aspect about using oil and vinegar, it can be reduced to the indiscriminate ‘drip’
Oil and vinegar bottles drip. They drip down the side, drips obscure the bottles’ label, they drip on the table, they drip on fine linens, drips occur on the counter, drips find their way to your apron, eventually oil drips on the floor.
Olive oil is notorious for dripping. Cork stoppers drip, bottle caps drip, unintentionally drips happen all the time in every kitchen, every restaurant, with every cook. Quality vinegar will drip as well, adding sticky to the oily. In essence, after repeated use, you can have an oil and vinegar fiasco in the cupboard and on the table.
No one enjoys touching oily and sticky bottles or decanters, and there is no need to constantly wipe the bottles clean to enjoy the condiments. There is an answer to our dilemma. Fine olive oil and gourmet vinegar can be dispensed in glass drizzle cruets made for the perfect drizzle flow, absolutely free from drips down the bottle or on the table.Read more of this post at,
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