Saturday, 20 February 2016

Gourmet Vinaigrette's

A TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC VINEGAR  Balsamic vinegar is docile but also touchy. If you do not control it, you run the risk of ruining the dish. It is a curious fact that no precise dose can be assigned. The reason is that every batch of balsamic vinegar is highly individual - such is its nature and such the desire of its makers.  Therefore, before using it, taste a drop on the tip of a spoon and judge its round flavor or its cutting edge occasion by occasion. Once you have done this, you can decide whether to use it on a veal escalope or on a nice fresh salad. Thus, its use is not so much an application of a fixed formula as a use dictated by the particular qualities of that particular vinegar at that particular moment. Read more of this post at,

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