Sunday, 29 January 2017

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Did Whole30 — 30 Days of Whole30

For 30 days this month we're exploring Whole30, the 30-day reset and refocus on whole foods. Whole30 isn't a diet or a judgment of foods as "good and bad." It's actually a short-term reset that has helped many of our readers cook more and figure out the foods that make them feel their best. Read more about our coverage here.

The first time my husband, Chaz, and I did Whole30 we went into it with tepid excitement. We were excited because It Starts with Food, the Whole30 book that combines program guidelines with science, was the first time my super-crunchy side and my husband's medical knowledge finally collided!

But we were also nervous because, even though we understood the reasoning behind the Whole30, it still felt impossible. We had so many questions: Will we be totally miserable? Can we seriously do this? Will we be empowered to eat better once we've done the program? Will this really change our lives?

We've now done it five times — and we learn something new each time. Here are the 10 biggest things we've learned. They're all lessons that would have been good to know ahead of time, so I hope they'll help you before you get started!


10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Did Whole30 — 30 Days of Whole30

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