Thursday, 17 March 2016

Oil and Vinegar Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is any dressing made from oil and vinegar. French dressing implies vinaigrette and the many variations that were created. Britain and America made French dressing popular in the 1880’s. Because people realized how healthy salads were, many recipes have been created for the use of French dressing.
 Vinaigrette is from the form of French vinaigre, which is commonly known as vinegar. It was first used in 1699 but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that Vinaigrette came onto the scene on its own. In French, vinaigrette was used to describe a carriage which resembled a vinegar seller’s cart. In Europe, Vinaigrette is also known as French dressing and it is the common salad dressing in the western world. Various flavorings to suit anyone’s taste is added to the mixture of oil and vinegar, using salt and pepper to taste. It is used on green salad and can be used to marinate various meat products, acting as a more of this post at,

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